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Martin T. Vincent:

Martin Vincent is the Director of Performance Management, Inc., a group of private consultants providing technical and business support to industry.  He is responsible for client sales and relationship building, leadership and management of the service and product delivery system and management oversight of most projects.  This effort, combined with his prior experience as Director of Operations for the NH Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), places Mr. Vincent in his eighth year as a successful manufacturing consultant.  His work includes implemented solutions in Lean Manufacturing, technical improvement, training, MRP, test equipment / procedure design, plant layouts, business operations and strategic planning. 

 He is a Manufacturing Management generalist with extensive experience in Lean Manufacturing, sales, business operations, engineering and P&L management.  Mr. Vincent has a broad skills base in operations and technical management with particular strength in building new solutions to business needs.  Related strengths and interests include organization and business processes, business development / client relationships and strategic planning.

 Martin brings over 35 years of manufacturing and project management experience in the electronics, aerospace, mechanical equipment and wood products industries.  Before joining the MEP, he was a working partner in his own manufacturing business and held General and Operations Management positions with multiple companies.  He is APICS (American Production and Inventory Control Society) certified and is a certified NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology) MEP Lean trainer.

Mr. Vincent has led engineering and production teams for the Space Shuttle, managed both high-volume and custom manufacturing plants, moved entire plant operations, set up new ones and started his own businesses.  His past efforts have provided hands-on experience in a wide variety of industries, most operational disciplines and at all levels – from the boardroom to the shop floor.  This background makes it possible for Martin to quickly assess and understand most business issues, work with the parties involved to find solutions and develop good rapport with his clients and co-workers.

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