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The recruiting industry has under gone a number of changes in recent years. Our direction for growth will be focused on additional Industries or Sub-Industries and Geographic expansion, to the greater US and Overseas. We will continue to direct our efforts to higher level jobs in our designated Industries The Industries will continue to fall into the Manufacturing, Emerging Interconnection Technologies, and Development Sectors (Hardware to Software). Our Job Orders will primarily be in Manufacturing, Engineering, Sales & Marketing, and Software Development & MIS. In the Job specialties that we do not address, we will supplement our services with split agreements with other Specialized Placement Firms.

As we look at the future direction of the Placement Industry passing through the first decade in 2000, we feel that the relationship with Client companies will continue to be vital. However, the relationship with Candidates may change toward an 'agent' type of arrangement. One that also supports candidates in an environment lending itself toward consulting businesses, which combine management expertise and a focus on specific projects. Eyes are on the market place and its needs as it continues to expand into a global business environment.

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