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In 2004 Robert L. Harmon (a 19 year recruiting veteran and top biller with a national client, candidate base) took over management of a seasoned New England based recruiting firm he was associated with and will manage it going forward under the name of RL Harmon Group, LLC.

Bob will continue the firm’s spirit and principles as a practicing member of the Northern New England Association of Personnel Services (NNEAPS).

The practice the firm began in 1985 will continue to be one where its recruiters are 'specialist' in the areas where they are recruiting. Every recruiter takes ownership of his area of expertise and is a consultant to the client companies and candidates. A network of Strategic Alliances adds resource depth to the firm.


Over the years the firm has seen some dramatic swings in the market and the recruiting industry. In the mid 1980's, the market was very receptive to a new consultant based approach and the attention to detail that the firm was imparting to each assignment. Companies were growing, needed people, and were willing to accommodate someone who had the potential to grow into a position, if they did not currently possess the experience necessary. At the end of the 1980's and beginning of the 1990's, a new phenomenon emerged - downsizing. The firm was able to maintain its client’s customer loyalty, because of the approach to 'consulting' rather than just making a placement.

The firm decided to develop a Strategic Partner association. The essence of this program provided an entrepreneur an opportunity to join the recruiting industry as a Strategic Partner with the firm. At this same time, the firm began an Industry focus program concentrating on the Printed Circuit Board / EMS (Electronic Mfg Services) and Software industries. The concept was to have an individual recruiter handle all types and levels of jobs in a specific industry. This did two things:

First: It removed restrictions of geography with regard to recruiter, candidate, and client.

Second: It utilized technology - software, computers, and communications to bring the entities together.

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