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RL Harmon Group, LLC. - Full Service Staffing and Placement Organization

People Make a Difference

An organization is built on people and their strengths. At the RL Harmon Group we recognize the difficulty involved in attracting and locating executive level and technical talent with the industry experience required by our client companies. We also feel it is critical to understand our clientís personality and culture before we begin the search process. We seek to understand both sides of the equation before bringing a candidate forward for consideration. Our goal is to help you balance your organizationís talent equation with people that make the difference a sharp edge brings to business.


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RL Harmon Group, LLC. does much more than specialize in helping a client find the superior candidate of choice. We aid them in developing a recruiting, hiring, and retention strategy to create business intelligence about their talent assets. We help build solutions for acquiring and maintaining advanced talent strength.

What we do:



At RL Harmon Group, LLC. we believe that talent is the fundamental driver of any business’ success. The talent you employ has brought you to where you are. The new talent you’ll hire will make or break your future. The methods and processes you use to find, retain, and optimize your talent resources are key strategic differentiators in the digital age.

Since 1985, on a National and International basis, our firm’s recruiting personnel has helped Startup through Leading High Tech Manufacturing Fortune 500 Companies attract, acquire, optimize and retain the talent they need to drive their business’ growth.

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RL Harmon Group has also formed Strategic Alliances with other consultants and firms that we feel provide the same level of Client Service with complementary offerings (see our link to Strategic Alliances).

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