Attract Top Talent:

The most talented candidates are always in high demand. It can take effort and planning to persuade top applicants to accept a job with your firm.

Carefully consider how you present job opportunities to candidates. If you find that you're losing top candidates to other offers, try to determine why. Below are some issues to consider.

Are You Really Selling the Position?
You should be highlighting specific benefits and perks of the job at every opportunity. One approach is to have top candidates meet with staff members who can offer an insider's perspective on the growth opportunities and positive work environment at your company.

Is the Compensation Package Competitive?
It's usually better to pay a little more than your competitors. You can research salary ranges through a number of sources, including classified listings, professional and trade associations, human resources consultants and specialized recruiters.

How Attractive Is Your Corporate Culture?
Many companies have started programs designed to create a more supportive atmosphere. Simple practices such as an open-door management policy and frequent praise and recognition of staff can make a big difference.

Are You Being Decisive Enough?
Careful hiring is critical, but don't be overly cautious when making a decision on a top candidate. It's easy to lose a job seeker's interest if you delay making an offer.

Are You Pursuing References Promptly and Aggressively?
A drawn-out reference checking process can inadvertently send a negative message to an otherwise enthusiastic candidate. If you're having trouble receiving reference responses, let the candidate know and solicit help communicating with his or her contacts.

By analyzing each step of your staffing process and making improvements where necessary, you increase your chances of finding and keeping top talent.


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