Names in the Business:

To create connections with others is to form alliances that can be invaluable in the business world. We have found the following resources to be most helpful:

Resume Repair, Warren Fisher (401) 826-1072
These folks do a great job with adjusting or tailoring resumes and they are very reasonable.

Salary Calculator re: National Association of Realtors and HomeFair
This cost of living sensitized calculator helps predict the effect of a salary in different areas of the country.

National Association of Realtors
This site has a lot of resources for folks changing geographical locations.

Jeff Fencer, Software Industry and Software Consulting  (603) 434-0562
Jeff’s knowledge runs deep and wide in computer related things.

Steve DeWaters, Marketing Consultant 
(949) 374-4130
Steve’s marketing and business intellect stands with the best.

Martin T. Vincent, Performance Management, Inc.
603 456-3884
Marty has a refreshing real world picture on Lean Manufacturing and Performance Mfg Mgmt.

Gary Lee, WindChime Web Design 
Gary can get you started or take you to the next level. He is very insightful and wonderful to work with. He is the designer and builder of this site.

Concord Chamber of Commerce 
Contact the Chamber in a geographic area of interest.

NNEAPS North New England Association of Personnel Services
A rich resource for both employers and candidates

NAM   National Association of Manufacturers 
A site well populated with industry trends and resources


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