RL Harmon Group Employer Services

We do much more than enhance your Human Resource operations. We provide superior candidates and identify quality professionals.

Services we Offer:

1. We specialize in helping employers develop a Recruiting and Retention strategy to create business intelligence about their talent assets. We help build solutions to allow a clear business analysis of recruiting, hiring, and retention.
2. RL Harmon Group has also formed Strategic Alliances with other Consultants and Firms that we feel provide the same level of employer service with a complementary service offering.

We offer the following approaches to Recruiting Services:

Contingency – The model that charges employers only for completed search assignments. Our methods are a departure from the transaction-oriented models of employment agencies.
Contract - We can fulfill one facet or the full cycle of recruiting activities.
Retained - We offer comprehensive, retained executive search services, which positions us as partners to our employer companies in the executive search process.


• RL Harmon Group strives to provide the highest quality of service. Every client receives a guarantee when hiring a candidate through the RL Harmon Group. The length of the guarantee is based on the circumstances of the vacancy and the service level chosen.
• Under the contingency recruiting services, the replacement guarantee typically runs between 60 and 180 days depending on the service level chosen.
• Under the contract and retained recruiting services, if an individual leaves employment within six (6) months after he or she commences work, RL Harmon Group will refill the position, at no additional cost to our client. If the individual leaves within (6) to (12) months of employment, RL Harmon Group will refill the position at 1⁄2 the total fee.

Customized Services: We understand that your needs may be unique. Our service approaches can be customized. For further details, please contact us at rlharmon@rlharmongroup.com or call 603 224-1050.